God asks us to just use what He has given us to make an impact in our world.  Sometimes that ‘thing that is in our hand’ is a very simple thing – something that we have used as part of life for years.  What happens when we turn that everyday item – the camera – into a tool to reach people with good news about God’s love for them? 

I was stunned to see how many people were open to being photographed. I can't recall any other place I've found people so open, friendly and helpful.  What we discovered with our cameras was that God made it quickly possible for us to have a "bridge" rather than a "barrier" to a quick relationship with utter strangers.  In nearly every case, that led to the subject and others around them, friends or bystanders, rapidly clustering around to see the results. That led to a lot of smiles, laughing, and joy.

Through the trip, I had the strong sense that this was what I'd been designed for, what I was meant to do, which I found very fulfilling. I doubt I've spent more time smiling in my life per hour than when out on the streets of Asia, looking for opportunities for photos.