Who is influencing you today? Whose songs and lyrics are running around in your head? Whose Movie did you watch last night? Whose article did you just read in that Magazine on your coffee table? Whose TV show is your favorite – you know the one that you make sure you don’t miss each week? Whose play did you go and see at the Theatre last weekend? Whose game have you just spent the last 2 hours playing? Whose radio show did you listen to on the way to church? Whose blog link did you forward to your friends? Whose art is on your walls? Who is discipling YOU?

Discipling the Nation through the Arts, Entertainment, Media & Worship is not a new idea. It is happening all around us – everyday. We are all being discipled by the agendas and the beliefs of those who create the content in Film s, TV shows, Music, Art, Books, Magazines, Advertising, Radio, Internet, Dance, etc. – all the disciplines of the Arts, Entertainment & Media bombard us every day. Everywhere we go. Everything we listen to. All we read. Someone, with a specific belief & value system created that content. We believe the content that is discipling in the nations should be created by those of us that know the Creator!

The desire to Create Content that Disciples the Nations is what is behind one of the newest adventures that YWAM is pioneering in Hollywood. YWAM DNA Studios in Hollywood.  DNA stands for Discipling the Nations through the Arts, and that is our vision - to have those in Arts, Entertainment & Media come together to create content that will disciple the nations with the truths of God!

Our YWAM DNA Studios Mission is to utilize Arts, Media, Entertainment and Worship to Disciple the Nations by communicating the love of God, the truth of God's word, the reality of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to the world! Our vision for YWAM DNA Studios is to establish a Studio Production Facility centered around a 24/7 Worship Center. Included on the Studio Lot will be a YWAM Training & Operating Center with housing and offices as well as Production Facilities for: Film, TV, Music, Dance, Theatre, Radio, Art & Gallery, Animation, Graphics, Publishing, Game Development and Internet Communications and new ventures. We are partnering with other YWAM Bases around the world to help them to further develop their ability to create content for their nation and region as well.

Do you have a heart to use your creative giftings to Disciple the Nations? If you do, we would love to hear from you! We are excited about partnering with you and your base to help you to better Disciple the Nations through arts, entertainment, media & worship.  If you are interested applying for a YWAM DNA Studios Internship or Staff position you simply need to complete an application, interview and audition process. If you are new to YWAM, we also require that you first complete a YWAM DTS. For more information contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or visit our website at www.YWAMDNAStudios.com.