Once on stage the group looks as though they have been dancing together for years. Following their performance, they get excited over feedback that five people received Christ at the event. Communicating through dance and drama is what this small team called Up4TheTask – a Youth With A Mission performing arts ministry - loves to do.

Up4TheTask is not just about dance and drama, but an evangelism ministry that shares their message through dance, drama and music. Launched in March 2009 under the ‘Arts With A Mission’ department of YWAM Muizenberg, they are taking every opportunity to rock the streets with love and hope. 

Though new to the stage, their performances express great potential. Greer, one of the Up4TheTask participants whose dance experience began at the age of seven, explains her passion for dance:  “Dancing for me is liberating, freeing, I am not always very good [at communicating] verbally; I can’t find the words. Dance and music are forms of expression I can use to liberate myself. I feel after dancing that I have expressed something inside of me that maybe I can’t put into words,” 

Greer started ballet at the age of 7 and at the age of 14, when her dancing career at a good school was taking off, she had to quit due to family reasons. Since dance as a profession was then out the picture, she waited a few years before taking it up again for fun. 

A few months ago Greer found out about the YWAM dance group and she has been volunteering with them since. Unlike the other dancers at Up4TheTask, Greer is not a staff member of YWAM, but after working with the group she is now considering doing a degree with the University of the Nations and, through YWAM, picking up her career in performing arts. Greer believes that performing arts is an effective tool for evangelism - watching a performance leaves a deep impression. 

Team leader, Rosaria explains the relationship between her team and the stage: “Our team performs on the streets or on the stage and when I walk on stage it becomes my pulpit … I use it to worship God and to preach His message through my face and body expressions. My aim is to 
make God known through the arts and that is the reason I am so passionate about dance”.