Audition-Theatrical Concert Tour

We are accepting resume and audition tapes for Christian Musical theater performers to tour in USA and/or Asia as a mission outreach from April to June. Players must raise their own support but tour will cover some expenses. Please visit for details about the musical. Preference will be given to YWAM staff. Rehearsals take place in Tampa, Florida USA March, 2011. Specifically we are looking for the following players: Balthezar:Male; Can play age 45-60; Baritone.Lead role. Jesus: Male; Can play age 30-35; Beri-tenor.Lead role. Tirzah: Girl, age 8-9; Actor that sings, moves well.Lead role. Messala: Male; Can play age 25-35; Beri-tenor; Lead role. Shiek: Can play age 45-60; Baritone. Lead role. Esther: Female; Can play age 21-26; Mezzo Soprano; Understudy role. Miriam: Female: Can play age 45-50; Mezzo Soprano; Understudy role. Judah: Male; Can play age 25-35; Beri-tenor; Understudy role. Simonides: Male; Can play age 45-60; Baritone.Lead role. Dancers: Male and female ages 18-40. Please contact Ellen Sanborn at 347-882-0508. Send resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .