Volunteer Ballet Teacher Needed

We're looking for a volunteer Ballet teacher who would be willing to commit to 1-2 years to teach staff children as well as helping with ministry along the Thai/Burma border. We work with several migrant schools, strreet children, orphans, etc... all kids at high risk of abuse, trafficking, etc...

We're got a staff of about 15 mixed westerner and nationals and are growing quite quickly and are looking to both meet the immediate needs of 4 girls aged 7-12 who are currently taking ballet but moving to the border area where it is not offered. We are also looking to potentially impact the children that we work with in the area of the arts. I'm not sure who to contact about this or if there is a place that I can put a general announcement.

FYI: Most of our staff are post-YWAM and have experience with schools, etc... We're very YWAMic on our approach to ministry.


Allan http://www.compasio.org