Imagine the ministry of YWAM with no gatherings, no Call to All, no conferences or seminars, no celebrations for the 50th anniversary or otherwise, no Olympic outreaches, not musical, artistic or dance performances, no events at all. The reality is that this is something we cannot imagine! Our coming together for large events have produced some of the greatest blessings from God that YWAM has known. But behind all these events are people who make it happen. People who believe God to bring together the impossible. People with skills to organize events and make it fun and meaningful. This is the heart of the School of Event Management that will be running in Kona beginning Sept 27, 2012.

The School of Event Management is a 6 month school (with a 1 week break for Christmas) that organizes global events to grow the kingdom of God. This takes on many different forms. Subjects include networking, marketing, intercession, spiritual warfare, technology, management of events and people and many other topics. Out students are in high demand around the world. Many locations have big dreams and they need those who have the skills to put feet to those dreams. Will you consider joining us as a student coming this fall?