Music is an international language.

      It penetrates closed hearts.  It  moves the immovable.

Music is essential to life and echoes the heartbeats of young and old alike.

     It expresses our intimacy and reveals our worship.

Music enhances, completes, comforts and challenges us.

All music began in Heaven. The sounds of our various cultures reflect His unique celebration and love for diversity. Whether we sing, play an instrument, or creatively communicate sounds, it is our response and our reflection of the Heavenly Father.

In preparing to share the good news worldwide it is essential to employ music. We offer courses on improving your musical skills for the beginner to intermediate student as well as seminars on how to develop your existing music ministry. 

There are frequently opportunities to tour with musical groups – whether contemporary or classical – getting experience on the road in outreach situations. We have training on songwriting, CD production, musical prayer and booking and touring. 

Visit the 'Opportunities' section to find your place in God's plan to use music to build his Church and impact the nations.

New Music Ministry and Music & Worship DTS in Australia

YWAM Music Toowoomba is passionate about discipling, equipping, empowering and releasing musicians, bands, individuals and teams into their God given callings. Our dream, is unleashing yours..

For years we have carried a vision in our hearts of establishing a community of artists and support staff who are passionate about Jesus and want to use their gifts to bring His Kingdom to all people.  While visiting Toowoomba in 2010 to serve with 'Easterfest' - God spoke very clearly that we were to establish a YWAM base in Toowoomba. In the early months of 2011 we were sent out from YWAM Brisbane to pioneer what is now YWAM Australia's youngest base Toowoomba is Australia's second largest inland city. Perched on top of 'The Great Dividing Range', Toowoomba is located 120km west of Brisbane. Known as the 'Garden City' and home to Australia's largest Christian Music festival, 'Easterfest', Toowoomba services a large region stretching from the Lockyer Valley to the rich farm lands of the Darling Downs. It is the Education Hub of the Darling Downs region and blessed with many wonderful Churches who enjoy a strong bond of unity, working together to reach the lost and helping those in need.

We believe that Toowoomba is a strategic location for an arts focused ministry. Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane are only a few hours drive away. We envision sending bands and solo artists to these places to tour with their music and message while also partnering with the YWAM bases in these locations. Toowoomba also is a gate-way to many rural and outback towns, so we will send teams regularly to these places to build up the body of Christ, encourage youth and present opportunities to get involved in missions. 

There are already many effective ministries in the city, and YWAM Toowoomba is excited to run along side them. We want to give our time and skills to strengthen and to serve where possible in incredible ministries including City Women, The Base Youth Centre, Teen Challenge and Easterfest.

We are passionate about the arts and the opportunities that exist within missions for the arts. Using our gifts & talents, we can show the love and glory of God in a way that is often not possible otherwise. There are amazing opportunities for artists today to have an incredible impact throughout the nations.

Music is an incredibly powerful art form – it’s the language that the whole world speaks and it is a strong part of culture within this current generation. The possibilities for music ministry are endless! With the internet, the rise of independent labels and the adoption rate of mp3 players, tablets and smart phones throughout the world, musicians have the platform and opportunity to reach millions in a way they have never have had before. It is an amazing time in history to be a musician with a calling and a purpose.

YWAM Toowoomba has a strong call to children at risk in South East Asia. In particular, we feel called as a ministry to work with young girls that have been rescued from the sex trade industry. We specifically want to see how we can partner with Destiny Rescue - which is an Australian based ministry that works with the girls in various safe homes and orphanages around Thailand and Cambodia.

Advocating for various frontline ministries such as Destiny Rescue and Compassion is very much a desire of YWAM Toowoomba. You can see the Lord at work now in the area of artist advocacy - hundreds of artists are pursuing there craft, but are also using their platform to raise awareness about issues of injustice and various overseas needs. 

We also seek to champion those that are passionate about working with and supporting musicians as they pursue God’s call on their lives. Roles such as artist managers, sound engineers and graphic designers just to name a few, all have a place in God’s plan to reach the nations through music.

We hope to achieve this vision through running a Music & Worship DTS and second level schools including the 'School of Music in Missions', 'School of Worship', 'School of Audio Engineering' and 'School of Event Management'. Beyond training we will provide opportunities for local, national and overseas ministry. 

If you are a musician that's serious about your calling and wanting to make a difference with your life or you're someone with a passion to help disciple, equip, empower & support musicians in their ministry, then we'd love to serve and support you on this journey.

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