Greetings from YWAM Newcastle in Australia!

SOMMWe are so excited to be pioneering the School of Music in Missions here at YWAM Newcastle. I’ve personally had such an amazing and humbling journey of seeing God challenge and shape me in my calling over the past 10+ years. I want to invite you to consider this amazing opportunity to come, be trained, and then catapulted into your calling to reach the unreached, using music as the medium for long term, radical change. Here’s a snapshot of what the school is shaping up to be. 

When: October 28 - March 21 2014

What: School of Music in Missions. 

The heart of this school is to multiply radical, kingdom artists into their callings. As a YWAM school it will have a strong flavor of what that looks like as a full time missionary, but also will have massive implications for those who don’t know for sure if that is their long term place in serving God.  This school is part of a BA in Music with the University of the Nations if you want to get your degree.


We are pursuing involvement in some large music festivals in New Zealand and linking up with some regional and international artists for tours. This could possibly include direct teaching and impartation from long term, seasoned Christian musicians. The recording phase of the school will also most likely be in New Zealand and will happen towards the end of the school once the songs we have written and had time to fully develop. 

Please consider joining us as a student, or if you’ve already done the school, as staff. We are believing for an incredible time together of growing in our creative gifting, but mostly in encountering Jesus and developing a heart for the unreached. Look forward to hearing from you. 

Info for school and to apply go here:

Debut Album:

Download my debut album as a free gift here:


Stevie Lujan

As i was sitting in the office in Ywam Perth this afternoon and took a little bit of time to see how my good friends from Della Fern are doing. They are a Band that are working with our Ywam Perth ministry Musicians for Missions (M.F.M). Currently they are touring the West Coast of the U.S speaking in High Schools, Universities on Missions and also playing music gigs at different music venues.

Consisting of 5 members Beau (Lead Singer/Guitar), Grace (Lead Singer), Luke (Bassist), Joel (Lead Guitar) and Dean (Drums), They are all passionate musicians that have come through our Music DTS program over the years and have used that passion for music to reach out with a message with funky cool sound and infectious catchy melodies. 

On the recent release of their EP Album I want to encourage you to have a listen to it and also download it for free. 

Go to and also like them on Facebook under Della Fern. 

These guys are sold out believers that are full time missionaries that have really chosen to put God in their life and with his anointing they are able reach out people not only with Good music but more importantly through the way they live their lives. I hope this encourages you that God is a God has placed passions with in us and its when we give the glory to him that we are able to steward our gifts submitted to God. 


Since 1971 I have been part of the contemporary Christian music community. Through the last forty years I have been able to experience and observe the development of worship and concert ministries in the United States and around the world. I have been both a musician seeking to find my place in the church and in YWAM, as well as a YWAM leader seeking to work with the visions of various musicians and artists. 

Through my thirty plus years in YWAM I have heard many “words” that God was going to use the arts to “lead the way” in many situations. I’ve heard the term “The arts are the tip of the arrow that will lead us into nations.” If these were truly words from the Lord, we should seek ways to encourage development. 

There are many wonderful ways YWAM worship and arts have glorified the Lord and influenced thousands; and yet, I know some of the sad stories of musicians leaving YWAM because they did not feel there was a place for them to fulfill their calling. In some of these cases, YWAM may not have been the best place for them; however, I believe there are too many cases, where they left because the YWAM leader did not understand how to work with artists or how to point them to a base where their worship or arts calling could flourish. That is the main reason I feel the need to write this paper. 

If YWAM leaders can better understand some of the dynamics of working with artists or how to direct them to a part of YWAM who has that call, then worship and the arts can be an even more powerful force within our mission to further the Kingdom of God. 


Easterfest is launching a new initiative over the Easter weekend in Toowoomba, Australia this year. Over the weekend 'The Chapel' at the Empire Theatre will play host to 72 hours of non-stop consecutive worship.

“I’m excited about the unity that will be expressed through this venue,” says Drew Vallejos, Easterfest City Coordinator. “It’s a chance to claim back territory and see God’s anointing released in the city centre.”

YWAM Toowoomba will be leading worship a couple of sets and also providing some spiritual oversight at various times over the weekend at the venue.

On Sunday evening at the tail end of the 72 hours, the worship will relocate to the Easterfest Mainstage for a 5 Hour Worship Finale with New World Sun, Lecrae, Ascend the Hill and United Pursuit Band to name just a few.

The decision wasn't an easy one to make for Easterfest director Dave Schenk and the Easterfest team:

“When we started to feel like God was taking us in a different direction, it was really hard to wrap our heads around because we were passionate about the Sunday night service – the way it has been for 12 or 13 years.. It’s been amazing over the years – a great chance to celebrate on Easter Sunday, and it was absolutely God-breathed..

But coming into this year, we felt like God wanted us to bring some change and we are excited about the new journey He has us on. It will be a full five hours of worship, celebration and focussing on Jesus. It’s celebration Sunday, right! We’ve got some international artists and some Aussie artists. But the truth is we want the focus to be less on them and more on Jesus."

We're incredibly excited about this new direction and really looking forward to seeing how our Musicians, Bands and Music & Worship DTS Students can be of service to Easterfest in the years to come.

Easterfest Worship

YWAM Music Toowoomba is passionate about discipling, equipping, empowering and releasing musicians, bands, individuals and teams into their God given callings. Our dream, is unleashing yours..

For years we have carried a vision in our hearts of establishing a community of artists and support staff who are passionate about Jesus and want to use their gifts to bring His Kingdom to all people.  While visiting Toowoomba in 2010 to serve with 'Easterfest' - God spoke very clearly that we were to establish a YWAM base in Toowoomba. In the early months of 2011 we were sent out from YWAM Brisbane to pioneer what is now YWAM Australia's youngest base Toowoomba is Australia's second largest inland city. Perched on top of 'The Great Dividing Range', Toowoomba is located 120km west of Brisbane. Known as the 'Garden City' and home to Australia's largest Christian Music festival, 'Easterfest', Toowoomba services a large region stretching from the Lockyer Valley to the rich farm lands of the Darling Downs. It is the Education Hub of the Darling Downs region and blessed with many wonderful Churches who enjoy a strong bond of unity, working together to reach the lost and helping those in need.


Michael W. Smith will be coming to Toowoomba next year for Easterfest. We hope that Darlene Zschech (Hillsong) and Michael will be speaking at the Noise Conference to young aspiring musicians with a heart for music ministry – we could learn so much from them. We’ll just have to wait until the Noise schedule get’s released early next year.


In the 1980's a YWAM evangelist named David Pierce began setting his sights on the punk rockers in Amsterdam. A band called "No Longer Music" was formed and a ministry called "Steiger" which spread it's wings, leaving the YWAM nest to form an international music and arts network reaching secular young people.


The 2010 Winter Olympic games is being hosted here in Vancouver, Canada! As YWAM Vancouver we are hosting the Winter Olympics Outreach. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us in Vancouver to welcome the world to our city and to welcome all of you to our city "for such a time as this".


In recent months, a worship publishing company called “Consuming Worship” has approached YWAM North America with the interest of producing a nationally distributed worship CD that allows the worship of YWAM to influence the churches. This is an amazing opportunity for us as a mission to have greater access to the church as our worship music and spirit is exposed to a larger audience.


Artists in Christian Testimony International's 2009 Pioneer Award Recipient - Karen Lafferty.. A true pioneer integrating artistic personnel, strategies, and methods into the Worldwide Mission of God to proclaim the Gospel of Christ’s salvation and establish his Church in every People and Nation of the World—all to his Glory forever!  (Acts 13:2-3; Acts 14:21-23, 27). Karen Lafferty is probably best known in the Christian world as the author of the scripture chorus "Seek Ye First."  However that is hardly the full extent of her profound impact.


Sandy's long awaited instrumental guitar CD, "Sereno", is just out! It's 12 fresh tracks, filled with peaceful inspiration, and played with passion and energy!

These songs will take you to places of the heart you've never been before, and remind you of others you wish you'd never left . . .