Welcome to the College of Arts & Sports

Welcome. We hope you find helpful information and make new friends here.  Our desire is to provide a platform with which to connect Christian artists.

If you came to check out possible training schools, find new resources, meet others involved in arts ministries around the world, or to get inspired by what others are doing, we think you’ll find interesting opportunities.

Please contact us with ideas – ideas for new resources we should make people aware of, or ministry opportunities available, or just with comments or questions.

We hope you visit often and come back soon.

For Gods Sake Get some Training (Music) from YWAM Kona - UofN on Vimeo.

College of Arts & Sports News Update

David Hamilton (International Associate Provost of the University of the Nations) has said that the College of Arts & Sports is the fastest growing college within the University of the Nations. That’s something to celebrate!

At the end of 2009 the new website for the College of Arts & Sports was launched. This website, designed by Warren Overbeeke, successfully integrates the primary disciplines within the CAS into eight sub-sites. Each sub-site offers a social network, news, photos, videos, files and chat functions to promote networking more broadly than ever. 

These sub-sites include: Music, Worship, Dance, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Film & Media, Photography, and Sports. So far each of the sites feature prominently on all the major search engines, providing easy access to inquirers who may be looking for a YWAM course, more information, opportunities and fellowship. It’s also quickly becoming a beehive of connection between YWAMers, fostering better communication and resource-sharing. Current College of Arts and Sports schools and courses are displayed on each site with eye-catching advertisements and links, helping prospective students find the school they are looking for easily. 

The College of Arts & Sports faculty also has some new faces, reflecting the expansion and multiplication of the associated courses and schools. The International College Committee will soon be listed on this site with links for a more personal point of contact. 

Winter Olympics Outreach Opportunities

The 2010 Winter Olympic games is being hosted here in Vancouver, Canada! As YWAM Vancouver we are hosting the Winter Olympics Outreach. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us in Vancouver to welcome the world to our city and to welcome all of you to our city "for such a time as this".