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For Gods Sake Get some Training (Music) from YWAM Kona - UofN on Vimeo.

Dean’s Corner - March 2013

What is it that most of us like to do? Celebrate!

Recently many of us celebrated Christmas, New Year and then Easter. CS Lewis said in the Narnia series “Always winter, never Christmas.” What a sad commentary on life it would be if it were the same old, same old, day in and day out. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to rejoice over, just a dull joyless existence.

God is a God of celebration. He is preparing a wedding feast for us. Jesus was accused of being a party animal, eating and drinking with sinners. But in Nahum 3:1 it tells is to “Celebrate your festivals.” When Esther helped deliver the Jews from annihilation they celebrated for days, sharing their food with others who were less fortunate. When the wall was rebuilt by Nehemiah they celebrated with choirs, musicians, eating and drinking for days. Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples drinking and eating together to remember the provision of the Lord.

Christians should be a people who celebrate like no other. We are the recipients of unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, joy, purpose and a hope for a future that is good in spite of anything that we might go through. Do we count it all joy and give thanks in all circumstances? Do we judge others and feel jealous of them or love and accept them unconditionally? Does the world look at us and see rules and regulations and sad faces or do we truly reflect the Lord’s love for us. We should be leading the way in celebrating each day as well as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, births and even death.


Start Small but Dream Big

Start Small but Dream Big

When were just two people with a passion for arts and discipleship but we took small but determined steps to pursue that passion. When we pioneered the first Performing Arts DTS in Hong Kong, we literally did everything - from hospitality to choreography. Then as we began to grow, our vision also grew. At the University of the Nations workshop in 2007, God spoke the word “Multiplication” to us, and from that point the staff doubled in size. Then God spoke about starting a performing arts ministry, so we obediently took steps of faith to pioneer a ministry using performing arts and media as a means to reach the young people of Asia.

Of course, God did not stop there! We now aimed at establishing a YWAM base that would focus on performing arts and media. Through many hours of prayer, tears, walking the land and seeing miracles happen every day, we saw this “big dream” come true this past year - a new YWAM location in Hong Kong with a focus on reaching the nations and Hong Kong through arts and media!