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For Gods Sake Get some Training (Music) from YWAM Kona - UofN on Vimeo.

Dean's Corner April 2014

Dear Artists,

I was recently in Jeju, Korea for our annual Core International Leadership Team (CILT) meetings - always a wonderful time of fellowship and strategic planning for the future of the University of the Nations.

On our day off I went with others to Sunrise Mountain. On the way we drove along the coast and saw many Jeju women free-diving into the cold, stormy waters. Later, at the “Museum of Women Divers”, I was filled with admiration for these incredible women who are carrying on the tradition of their ancestors who have been diving since before the time of Christ. These Korean women are STRONG! They jump off rocks and rafts into the raging sea to collect abalone, shellfish, octopus and seaweed to provide for their families. At the museum exhibition we also learned of how they helped fight back the Japanese invasion and inspired many other Koreans onto victory. I pondered on how strong these women became by overcoming so many obstacles on so many levels. Today there are approximately 5000 of them diving daily compared with 10,000’s in the past. They want a better, more educated life for the next generation.  What lessons can we learn from them? Will we stand firm for what we believe in? Will be pay the price and take the hard path because of the goal set before us? Will we leave a legacy for the next generation?

We need this kind of determination and anointing for the UofN - to keep on going when things are hard, to never give up no matter what the cost, and to give our best day after day. We have eternal goals and it comes at a high price if we are to leave a legacy for those who will come after us.

Our arts and sports can leave an eternal impact for generations to come if we rise to the challenge, count the cost and pay the price to see the victory.  What has God put in your hands?  What does He require of you as a good steward of these gifts? What you do makes a difference to the next generation, so are you willing to take up the challenge for God’s glory and the extension of His kingdom?

One ministry taking up the challenge is the School of Worship which I want to highlight in this update. It is the largest school under the College of Arts and Sports and is cross-listed with the College of Christian Ministries. The Schools of Worship (SOW) are operating in many nations around the world and are currently initiating a degree track for cross-cultural worship ministries by developing new seminars and schools for those who want greater revelation and to become more effective in ministry in any culture. I’ve asked Belinda van de Loo, who oversees worship for CAS, to share about this with you.  Please pray for multiplication in the area of worship.

Julie Spence

Dean of the College of Arts & Sports, University of the Nations