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For Gods Sake Get some Training (Music) from YWAM Kona - UofN on Vimeo.

Making history one event at a time

History is marked by significant events that have changed the course of time and have impacted society to where it is today. It has created movements that led people to respond to the truth, influenced thinking and propelled people into action.

YWAM’s School of Events Management (SEM) leader, Luzanne Esmeraldo, writes this:

“I knew I wanted to engage in Missions. Having done years of outreach and training in the UofN, I did my SEM in 2003 and this is where God gave me a vision to connect people through meaningful events of collaboration, inspiration and celebration.

Because of my passion to see the nations worship, I started the “One Voice” events connecting YWAM globally through worship, hearing God, and sharing with one another. After that I pioneered an annual outreach during the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland to have Christians shine His light through the arts and evangelism.

I have so many dreams and passions, and have now gained the necessary tools to collaborate with God as the Chief Orchestrator. The School of Events Management, a program I now lead, enables, equips and releases event leaders that will continue to impact society with His vision."

If you want to be part of missions through creating and leading of events, YWAM Lausanne in Switzerland is offering you a place to dream and the tools to create events that will lead others to Christ.

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Tools for event management


“The SEM was the ideal combination of artistic innovation and strategic business management. Most of all, it offered me the space to dream and the tools to experiment different ways to create, encounter and connect with the local community through events and celebration.

Currently you can find me in a neighborhood cafe in Montreal, where I moved my studio and now host several events to be closer and to get to know better the people I care about.”

Noemie Jean-Bourgeault, from Montreal, French-Canadian painter

SEM taught me that being a leader doesn't mean you are on your own. It’s always possible to have a team ready to support you and help you get your event off of the ground.

I also learned that flexibility and patience are two very valuable assets to have when doing event management; without which you can become frustrated and exhausted very quickly. A key to help with this is realizing that everyone has a different point of view towards an  event, and it can be very helpful to look up from your own every once in a while. I am very grateful that I was able to complete this school, and I use the elements that I learned during that time every day.

Rochelle Fisher – YWAM Kona