Welcome to the College of Arts & Sports

Welcome. We hope you find helpful information and make new friends here.  Our desire is to provide a platform with which to connect Christian artists.

If you came to check out possible training schools, find new resources, meet others involved in arts ministries around the world, or to get inspired by what others are doing, we think you’ll find interesting opportunities.

Please contact us with ideas – ideas for new resources we should make people aware of, or ministry opportunities available, or just with comments or questions.

We hope you visit often and come back soon.

For Gods Sake Get some Training (Music) from YWAM Kona - UofN on Vimeo.

UofN Workshop coming!

UofN Workshop banner

You’re invited

All YWAMers interested in Arts and Sports

Join us at the

University of The Nations Workshop

Tijuana, Mexico

3 – 8 September 2013

These biennial gatherings are very strategic, as we take time to hear the Word of the Lord, share together and gather to worship our King.   Many times key connections are made through relationships, opening new partnerships and opportunities in ministries.   Please ask the Lord if you’re to come and join us.  I personally would love to see each of you attend, for your own encouragement as well as the connection we can make together as a College.

During this event we’ll have Optional workshop/seminar slots each afternoon so we can meet together as a College and in our various disciplines.  I want to meet with Event Managers to hear what they are doing, while the sports, music, visual artists, dancers, performers, worship teams etc all have time to share with each other. 

We want to hear and discover what God is doing in our ministries and College.  This is an important time for us to move forward as a College and to bundle our strengths between our various ministries. 

Info and Registration

This gathering is for everyone involved in the ministry of equipping, training and discipling, towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission.   The times we are living in are filled with amazing opportunities.  It is a season to EXPAND intimacy and impact to see much more of God’s purposes unfold in our personal lives, families, communities and in our nations.

 The Workshop is about meeting God in prayer, worship, celebration and His Word. There are daily Optional sessions plus a “YWAM World Cup” for soccer players. Each morning we’ll share in Bible study, worship, prayer and discussion. There will be keynote speakers and seminars as well as a break-out day for all of the Colleges. On Wednesday night, September 4 we’ll have a concert* to showcase artists who will be attending.  

* (if you would like to be involved as an artist, please contact me)

Come, hear the vision for the College of Arts and Sports and find your place at the table.


1st Session: Sept 3, 2013 begins at 7 pm

Last Session: Sept 7, 2013, ends at 9 pm

Departure: Sunday Sept 8

Hope to see you in Tijuana!

Julie Spence

Dean, College of Arts and Sports

University of The Nations