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Welcome. We hope you find helpful information and make new friends here.  Our desire is to provide a platform with which to connect Christian artists.

If you came to check out possible training schools, find new resources, meet others involved in arts ministries around the world, or to get inspired by what others are doing, we think you’ll find interesting opportunities.

Please contact us with ideas – ideas for new resources we should make people aware of, or ministry opportunities available, or just with comments or questions.

We hope you visit often and come back soon.

For Gods Sake Get some Training (Music) from YWAM Kona - UofN on Vimeo.

Dean's Corner June Update

Arts and Sports are areas of significance and celebration, where a small number of people can influence every level of society. The College of Arts and Sports CAS wants to train our students in excellence and Godly values, to pioneer, provoke and leave a positive legacy in those areas of influence for generations to come.

Artists and athletes have a unique inspirational voice that is relevant in today’s society where people want an alternative to a secular, humanistic life style. There lives are designed to exemplify cutting edge ideas, leadership, stamina, strength and beauty. Arts and sports events are some of the world’s most attended forms of recreation. People are searching for alternatives in a confused world that no longer understands truth. We have the answer in Jesus but how do we use our passion for arts and sports to show adifferent worldview? We want our students to be cultural influencers by discovering their own DNA using their gifitings to build relationships and disciple communities with missional life style in their sphere of influence.

The College of Arts and Sport is on the cutting edge, training our students in Street Art expressing relevant thought provoking art in the streets of our global community. Training our students in Extreme sports like parkour or board sports like skateboarding are inroads in those communities where you can share your skill and your testimony effectively. Our coaching programs help to develop leadership skills to coach and connect to the next generation giving a hope for the future.

I want to introduce you to a new member of our CAS International College Committee, Noemie from Canada, who is a professional artists and top event manager. I've asked her to share her vision for visual arts which is wide, as it is deep. I'm sure you are going to be inspired by this talented, enthusiast young woman who is covering the Visual arts area for CAS in the future.

Love and blessings,

Julie Spence 

YWAM Visual Arts

Noémie Jean-Bourgeault

I am an artist.
I dye canvases with tea, tea leaves.
With coffee: beans.
I love the reddish color, orange.
As autumn Harvest season.

My name is Noémie Jean-Bourgeault. I have the privilege to currently be coordinating the YWAM Visual Arts Network. This is the first of many update you'll get from me -- I am sorry; I tend to be enthusiastic.

YWAM VISUAL ARTISTS : We are merely humans passionate about blending colors, textures and light to express the beauty of God's Kingdom to man -- a Kingdom we wish to bring forth in our contemporary world.

This is who we are not because we chose it, but because it is the gift placed in our hearts -- it's burning, thirsting to grow.

I truly believe that God filled this generation -- my generation -- with a wisdom and creativity as the world has never seen before. As each and every artist lays down his life -- in affirmation of his gift and submission to an eternal covenant -- at the feet of Jesus, a revolution of freedom will take place. This radical reversal will change the way people view reality through new revelations and the creation of a fresh image of a Kingdom -- a Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We are witnesses of a divine power manifest in our everyday lives and we strive to show people the unfathomable beauty that is around them at every moment, but which they regularly overlook: the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God that sets man free.

The Koshe Project, Ababa, Ethiopia

Changing futures by rescuing 13 girls from a garbage dump and blessing them with an after school ministry.

Project Empowering Women Lanzhou, China

Empowering the women of a migrant community living in a city in Northwest China.

Disposable, London, United Kingdom

Empower people affected by homelessness with a voice to tell their stories and share their perspective on life.

Fashion and Design in Missions, Corrientes, Argentina

Equip student to influence with Kingdom-values the world of fashion and design.

YWAM Visual Arts Global Network

If you haven't yet created your profile on the YWAM Visual Arts Global Network, please visit : ywamfinearts.ning.com. Sign IN and upload your work !

We want to offer and convey an artistic message that is noble, pure, and excellent (Phil 4:8) in order to engage the present world of art and open new doors in areas of textile, studio, design, digital, street, therapy and prophetic arts. Check out the new BLANK SPACE COMMUNITY (a space to share and get new inspiration!) linked to the YWAM Global Network page:


This is not something an individual can accomplish alone. We will only be able to contemplate the fullness of His glory as we bring artistic forces and culture together in the creation of stronger networks, collaborations and strategic partnership.

My dream and prayer is that this YWAM humanitarian fabric will create a common space not only for us to meet one another, but also for God to meet us as one Body, full of life, engaged in serving and loving in incarnational, tangible ways :)

Noémie Jean-Bourgeault