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Dean’s Corner - March 2013

What is it that most of us like to do? Celebrate!

Recently many of us celebrated Christmas, New Year and then Easter. CS Lewis said in the Narnia series “Always winter, never Christmas.” What a sad commentary on life it would be if it were the same old, same old, day in and day out. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to rejoice over, just a dull joyless existence.

God is a God of celebration. He is preparing a wedding feast for us. Jesus was accused of being a party animal, eating and drinking with sinners. But in Nahum 3:1 it tells is to “Celebrate your festivals.” When Esther helped deliver the Jews from annihilation they celebrated for days, sharing their food with others who were less fortunate. When the wall was rebuilt by Nehemiah they celebrated with choirs, musicians, eating and drinking for days. Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples drinking and eating together to remember the provision of the Lord.

Christians should be a people who celebrate like no other. We are the recipients of unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, joy, purpose and a hope for a future that is good in spite of anything that we might go through. Do we count it all joy and give thanks in all circumstances? Do we judge others and feel jealous of them or love and accept them unconditionally? Does the world look at us and see rules and regulations and sad faces or do we truly reflect the Lord’s love for us. We should be leading the way in celebrating each day as well as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, births and even death.

How are our celebrations different from the world? Is there a difference? How would the Lord have us celebrate? Is God glorified in our celebrations? The Lord commands us to celebrate. He wants us to be happy and enjoy ourselves, not to be dull, colorless and boring. Arts, sports and entertainment are areas of great celebration in our culture today. Barracking for your favorite football team, applauding at a concert, eating with family and friends. Life is to be celebrated. I hope this year is a year where you will remember the Lord and celebrate His goodness.

We are the College of Arts and Sports who lead out the celebrations to impact our communities and cultures through music, dance, art, events and sports and in this the Lord is glorified. This month I’ve asked some of our sports team to share some stories about what they have been doing and to give you updated information about sports ministries and courses in the University of The Nations

To Sports Lovers from the University of The Nations Sports Team: We have said many times, sport is not new in YWAM, and we deeply appreciate all who have gone before like Kevin Stark, Jimmy Stewart, Keith Buzzard, Mitch, Anderson, Baher, Merja etc. Building on such foundations has been fun, challenging and very fulfilling, especially building great relationships over these past few years with fellow sports enthusiasts.

Sport has been one of those things that you unofficially do in missions. Often we are working in a situation to reach a community and bring in the good news of our great HOPE and we are at that point of giving up when a football appears and within an hour the walls have come falling down and friendships develop! Some of you readers may relate to such a story or it may stir something within your spirit. Sport is a language of the people today and wields so much power as a fantastic missions tool. We want to share some of the pathways to nurture and grow this gift. We are pioneering our first “Sports Ministry School” March 18th, 2013 in Pichilimu, Chile, at Mitch Anderson's base. This has been a few years in the making, but is now a reality, with staff, students and a great location. You can join us by contacting us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Another great second level sports school is Philip Goldney's "Freesports and Youth Culture School" in Italy http://www.ywamfreesports.com/; http://www.ywamfreesports.com/,  Not for the faint hearted but for those who think outside the box.

Besides these two schools we have many new seminars, for example:- Coach Powers Performance training series; health, fitness and wellness, (http://www.coachpowers.com/). Not just for those interested in sports seminars, but also for those interested in healthcare, is our Introduction to Primary Care (IPHC), (http://www.ywammt.org/) at our Montana YWAM location.  All are building towards AA (Associates Degree), and BA (Bachelors Degree) for those serious to use sports and healthcare as a way of making disciples. We believe sports will be the fastest growing ministry in YWAM and the University of The Nations, no competition of course, well maybe a little. Please contact us, pray for us and join us at http://ywamcas.org/. Can’t wait to see the amazing things God has planned through sports internationally.

The University of The Nations has a 6 weeks Personal Holistic Development and Nutrition seminar designed to help you live "Healthy" through a clear understanding of mental, physical and spiritual health. Through this seminar, you will learn what it means to be a good steward of your body and how you can take care of it through exercise and nutrition. You will receive tools to create your own exercise, meal and spiritual plans to set you on a path to live a healthy life.  Alongside lectures, there will be plenty of hands-on application to get you started with healthy habits. This is run in Hong Kong by Faby and her team.

"Big Shot Cricket has been an established project working in India and Africa since 2007 and was conceived in a conversation between an Englishman and an American in Egypt! BSC takes qualified cricket coaches and sports helpers to go and deliver fun/educational cricket camps to children that live in disadvantaged life situations. We partner with already existing charities in order to support the work they are already doing. For instance our latest trip to Kolkata, India saw us work with 3 charities and 150 kids. We worked with one project that takes women out of prostitution and gives them jobs in a fair trade company that supplies T shirts and bags around the world. We had the privilege of coaching the children of these women. Another charity was one that had orphanages around the city and sports is a big focus of the children's education especially in cricket and rugby and so we coached them over a few days. Our last African trip in 2010 saw us go to Uganda and we loved bringing cricket out to a country that is new to the sport. We coached in 3 schools over a 10 day period and we even had the head teacher of one of the schools, stealing the bat from one of her pupils so she could have a swing at the ball! We had a visit from the Ugandan Cricket Board who endorsed what we were doing and included the schools on their partnership list. Big Shot Cricket is a great opportunity to see how sport in action can impact the lives of children, every child no matter what the circumstances has a right to play, said the leader Paul"