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Welcome. We hope you find helpful information and make new friends here.  Our desire is to provide a platform with which to connect Christian artists.

If you came to check out possible training schools, find new resources, meet others involved in arts ministries around the world, or to get inspired by what others are doing, we think you’ll find interesting opportunities.

Please contact us with ideas – ideas for new resources we should make people aware of, or ministry opportunities available, or just with comments or questions.

We hope you visit often and come back soon.

For Gods Sake Get some Training (Music) from YWAM Kona - UofN on Vimeo.

Start Small but Dream Big

Start Small but Dream Big

When were just two people with a passion for arts and discipleship but we took small but determined steps to pursue that passion. When we pioneered the first Performing Arts DTS in Hong Kong, we literally did everything - from hospitality to choreography. Then as we began to grow, our vision also grew. At the University of the Nations workshop in 2007, God spoke the word “Multiplication” to us, and from that point the staff doubled in size. Then God spoke about starting a performing arts ministry, so we obediently took steps of faith to pioneer a ministry using performing arts and media as a means to reach the young people of Asia.

Of course, God did not stop there! We now aimed at establishing a YWAM base that would focus on performing arts and media. Through many hours of prayer, tears, walking the land and seeing miracles happen every day, we saw this “big dream” come true this past year - a new YWAM location in Hong Kong with a focus on reaching the nations and Hong Kong through arts and media!

Youth With A Mission - Tuen Mun in Hong Kong has this motto, found in Isaiah 61:3: “To bring joy to the outcasts and to display the beauty of God.” God has gone beyond our expectations, giving us opportunities to display His beauty, whether it is through the Performing Arts DTS outreaches sharing God’s love or through the Introduction to Performing Arts and Media school, where people are being trained to start their own ministry. In every course we focus on studying the Bible to see how God views the arts.

Performing and sharing the Gospel at an elderly home

The Elderly and Those in Prison

Literally on our doorstep there are over 30 different homes for the elderly. We are reaching out to them, showing the love of God through our performances and practically serving. Most of them have been Buddhist their whole lives but after experiencing the Message, several of them gave their lives to the Lord! Two streets away from our base is a prison where our staff now go every week to speak, pray with and do Bible study with the inmates. God placed us strategically, to say the least!

Partnering with the only food bank in Hong Kong to give food to the elderly and low-income families

Education, Teenagers and Children

We’ve been invited to local public schools to give extracurricular classes in dance, theater and mime, using “Biblical principles”. We recently composed a musical for one school and the principal told us, “You can choose the theme. You seem to have good principles and the children have changed since being with you.” God is using us to teach people arts techniques and values while He draws them to Himself!

Teaching the primary school children choreography for the musical

In another public school we have started a creative Bible Study. Each week we meet together with a group of students and study the Bible, processing and applying what we learn in creative ways. We hope to start a “Mini DTS” with these students; what a great opportunity to disciple the youth of Hong Kong!

Equipping the Body of Christ to GO

Each year we partner with several churches by offering “ministry preparation” for their annual missions trips. We create simple evangelistic skits that have actually been very successful in equipping youth groups for their missions trips all over Asia!

The Bible and the Arts

Most artists get excited when our feet and bodies get moving, the lights shine on our faces, and we’re sweaty from rehearsing; but there is a deeper challenge we’re responding to. When we understand His WORD, our art changes people’s lives. We are excited to pioneer our first Bible Core Course in Hong Kong in 2013! We have great expectations about what God will reveal through His word!

The vision of YWAM Tuen Mun in Hong Kong is to multiply more arts-focused bases and ministries that will equip, encourage and reach the nations! Our outreaches this past year were able to communicate the Gospel through performing arts and media to over 5000 people, seeing 1205 people coming to the Lord! God is good!

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on people who are ill, and they will get well.” Mark 16:17-18

For more information on YWAM Tuen Mun contact us at HYPERLINK "http://www.ywamtuenmun.org" www.ywamtuenmun.org