The Art Ministry at YWAM North in the city of Corrientes, Argentina is setting new trends in the world of fashion. It all started in October 2008, when a YWAM North staff member, Hakamiah Galeano, took part in a competition called “The Third Annual Week of Fashion and Design” organized by the provincial government in the provincial capital. Hakamiah created three original designs which placed second in the competition, and through these first designs, the brand “RaceFusion” was born. RaceFusion is part of the art company called “Art's Creative Heart”, which is part of the Arts Ministry at YWAM North Corrientes.

Our mission is to restore the basic values that are lost or absent in today's society. We see the result of their absence in the artistic mediums and fashion world in cases such as bulimia, anorexia, homosexuality, discrimination (to name a few) and we feel that it is our duty and commitment to be an active part in changing this.

In December of the same year, the entire ministry worked together to organize and hold their own fashion show called “RaceFusion Identity”. This was a unique show in which various ethnic groups, races and nations were presented in the clothing designs, and through the use of dance, theatre and live music. One of the principles in designing and constructing the clothing is to incorporate elements from different cultures, even if they are dissimilar, and create pieces of clothing that are realistic and suitable for everyday use. In creating each design, inspiration is taken from different nations and races, and a “fusion” is created in a natural way thus sharing our cultures and joining us together as a global village.

Since 2008, the team has made the fashion show an annual event, renewing and restructuring the fashion show, using different art forms to not only present trendy and culturally-inspired items of clothing but also to exalt God and His creative character. They have also since added a jewellery brand called “African Tango” and have plans to add shoes, purses and other product brands to the fashion ministry. This year a new facet is being added to the fashion ministry: the first ever “School of Fashion and Design in Missions”.

The vision of the school is to mould and equip each student to be able to disciple and influence with values and principles through fashion and through design, in this area, in society and in the nations. The theory phase will start this year on July 4 and run until September 25, after which each student is encouraged to stay and complete their internship at YWAM North through taking part in the annual fashion show.

The school covers topics such as Sewing, Patterns, Drawing, Paint, Trend Analysis, Identity, Culture Analysis, Fashion History, Exclusive vs. Original, and much more!

Next year the school will start in May, 2012, with plans to complete the practical phase of the school during New York Fashion Week.

You can be part of this exciting new mission field in a variety of ways. In order to have a successful start to the school, the following items are needed:
• 5 Sewing machines (Singer or other brand for home-use, not industrial)
• 3 overlock sewing machines
• 5 dressmaker dolls
• Fabric, thread, needles, etc.

You can also be part of these projects through your prayers, or as a student in the “School of Fashion and Design in Missions”.

Registration is open and you can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information on this year or next year’s school. The Arts Ministry at YWAM North is also interested in hearing from anybody with a calling to this area of our society, please contact them if God has called you work in fashion and design.