At the end of November we, Art Refuge, were able to participate in something memorable for the people in our community. As part of the Beaufort Street festival we created an art installation talking about transformational life with God. Within the piece we had several questions and ideas people contemplate during life such as: death, purpose, and identity through a journal entry style. The journey followed the life of a caterpillar ending the journey in an intimate tent where you could discreetly hear things God says to us (like: 'I've loved you with an everlasting love...'). You could also write your hopes and dreams on paper flowers and plant them in the ground.

Surprisingly, we had several children come observe and participate. They asked questions like... will my dreams come true if i write them? Travellers came by from off the street and they too knelt to write their hopes and dreams to God. We had opportunity to talk with some children and passerbys throughout the afternoon. The church we partnered with has already begun to talk about next year so we are excited to see what God will open up in the future.