In July four artists joined forces to work in Mexico City. The outreach was called Art Reach, under the umbrella of Megacities. God started using our obedience, to touch lives right from our time in LA airport on the way there, and continued to touch others and our lives too, through His amazing love, leading and care, right up until we boarded the plane home in Sydney airport.

We used drawings and portraits to reach out to abandoned children, and children on what the taxi driver told us was one of the most dangerous streets in the city; we shared our testimonies in picture form, challenged people to worship God instead of Mary or Saint Death, and used pavement chalk art to speak His truths. We served the local churches in Azcapotzalco, and were priveleged to be taken around the city with a group of intercessors to pray for the government and the youth that God is raising up.

We were guests at an evening where the families of one church were dedicated to God. Over our time there we taught on Art and Missions and saw 130 local people dedicate their art and creativity to God to use to reach the lost. We have amazing memories and feel extremely blessed - from praying for Victor and Anita and seeing God set their art free for His glory, to changing a woman's life through the power of a hug; seeing a local woman reach out to a street seller for the first time, and encouraging local artists to step up and use what God has given them; sharing a testimony in a crowded market, receiving a kiss of thanks from a child abandoned by her parents, and praying for the local churches and pastors; seeing local Sunday School teachers realise the joy of using their creativity to teach and their ability to use even a sheet of newspaper to create a teaching aide.

God used our art, our words and actions, and changed us personally for ever. It was with tears that we bid farewell to Mexico City and the miriad of new precious friends, that we are still in touch with. Blessed to be a blessing indeed. Serving God is not a chore, but an amazing journey!