In the 1980's a YWAM evangelist named David Pierce began setting his sights on the punk rockers in Amsterdam. A band called "No Longer Music" was formed and a ministry called "Steiger" ( which spread it's wings, leaving the YWAM nest to form an international music and arts network reaching secular young people.

Many of you have realized by now that you may not recognize YWAM when you see it. YWAM has throughout it's 50 year history given birth to many tremendous and creative ministries.

One of their initiatives was in Poland where they started a festival. SLOT is not just another Christian festival, but it is organized by Christians to present God in a seemingly godless subculture. SLOT Art Festival is over 80 bands on 8 stages, non-stop clubs pulsating with dance rhythms, chill-out, theatre, film discussions, galleries, multi-media,... over 100 workshops on just about anything you can imagine (music, psychology, sociology, spirituality, visual arts like painting, graphics, mosaic, performing arts like theatre, pantomime, lectures...)

Here is a brief report of some of the things that happened recently at SLOT 2010 written by Steven Wallett of Steiger Ministries in Poland

"SLOT was great. We had over 5000 people in all. 50% of them were first-timers, many not having a personal walk with God yet. It was cool to see people bring their friends and spend the week with them talking about all the different things they were seeing and hearing. Some highlights:

1) a bass player who played this year at three worship events during the festival had met Christ during a worship time at SLOT 8 years ago. Isn't that awesome?

2) a married couple who work with Steiger taught a puppetry workshop and where able to share the gospel as they taught how to use puppets. They had created a parable that led the people towards an understanding of God's love for them. This couple has spent the last four months traveling all over Europe evangelizing on the streets with their puppets.

3) Many people responded after a concert to the challenge to start a relationship with Christ . Over 100 people went to talk with the one who gave the challenge as well as with the pastoral team.

4) This year we had more people who came to the festival bringing with them someone they were trying to love into the kingdom. This is what SLOT is really good for."

Pray for these guys, connect with them, appreciate them as they forge ahead on the front lines of reaching people with a great message!