Knowing God and making him known is a very broad mandate  for any mission, church, or organization. There are few activities that reach all cultures, colors, race, language, religion, age and gender. One of those activities also only has one language.. the language of sports.

There is nothing like athletics to bring together a community, a country, and the world. Not only does it bring these things together, but physical exercise also completes us as individuals body, mind (soul) and spirit. It is only when these three are functioning as God planned that we can reach our ultimate potential to accomplish His plan through us.

YWAM, along with the body of Christ, for the past 50 years has been striving to fulfill the great commission through many, many activities, but only recently has sports come to the forefront of those activities. Combining sports and physical fitness as tools to  reach our world. Come join us as we join with others empowering one another personally and collectively to reach our true potential and destiny in Christ.

Skateboarding in Asia

Our dear team member Jeremy passed away due to a freak accident a month before the outreach. We had green arm bands ( his favorite color) made up with 1.21 ( his favorite verse) from Philippians written on them. We wore them on our time in Asia and they sparked many conversations with tourists, and locals.