Knowing God and making him known is a very broad mandate  for any mission, church, or organization. There are few activities that reach all cultures, colors, race, language, religion, age and gender. One of those activities also only has one language.. the language of sports.

There is nothing like athletics to bring together a community, a country, and the world. Not only does it bring these things together, but physical exercise also completes us as individuals body, mind (soul) and spirit. It is only when these three are functioning as God planned that we can reach our ultimate potential to accomplish His plan through us.

YWAM, along with the body of Christ, for the past 50 years has been striving to fulfill the great commission through many, many activities, but only recently has sports come to the forefront of those activities. Combining sports and physical fitness as tools to  reach our world. Come join us as we join with others empowering one another personally and collectively to reach our true potential and destiny in Christ.

Active in Mission - The Rise of Sports Ministry

I remember my DTS outreach days of old (I’m in my thirties so not that old!), the days consisted of doing our ‘ministry’ – street preaching, dance, skits and so on – and at the end of day, when we had a bit of free time, we were allowed to go and get a football and have a kick around with some of the locals.

For years this frustrated me. I was thinking, “sport is my passion and what I’m good at and I’m awful at acting, yet I’m trying to reach people with something that I am no good at and have to put what I am good at on the back burner because this is "how we do mission and reach people" right?”

Well, finally that is changing. It is amazing to see how DTS’ in particular has become creative and uses student’s gifts to accomplish mission, rather than trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

This brings up a few things we need to consider as mission trainers.


The Art of Peace- Making the Olympic Truce a Reality in 2012!

Michael Bates in TiranaA two-hour history lesson from a Prime Minister isn’t an ordinary lunch appointment for me, but then very little about the Walk for Truce campaign has been “ordinary”. Sali Beresha, Prime Minister of Albania since 2005, has more authority than most to talk about the history of national and international upheaval. As the first democratically elected President of Albania, leading from 1992 to 1997, he was not only midwife to the birth of the Republic of Albania, but witnessed up close the horrifying conflict in the Balkans. So our discussion of the question of how to manage significant disputes within and between nations, but without resorting to violence, was far from academic.