Knowing God and making him known is a very broad mandate  for any mission, church, or organization. There are few activities that reach all cultures, colors, race, language, religion, age and gender. One of those activities also only has one language.. the language of sports.

There is nothing like athletics to bring together a community, a country, and the world. Not only does it bring these things together, but physical exercise also completes us as individuals body, mind (soul) and spirit. It is only when these three are functioning as God planned that we can reach our ultimate potential to accomplish His plan through us.

YWAM, along with the body of Christ, for the past 50 years has been striving to fulfill the great commission through many, many activities, but only recently has sports come to the forefront of those activities. Combining sports and physical fitness as tools to  reach our world. Come join us as we join with others empowering one another personally and collectively to reach our true potential and destiny in Christ.

Sports Ministry School 2014

altIsn't it bizarre that one of the best mission tools anywhere in the world is not just a book and a guitar but a round object filled with air? What happens when air fills something (and I'm not just talking about a ball!)......LIFE.....missions through sports brings hope, it brings healing, and it brings L IFE.

Last March our first Sports Ministry School ran in Pichilemu, Chile. The school was packed with the concepts of how to use your God-given sports skills in the context of missions as well as practical input in areas such as coaching. Because of its success, the YWAM sports network has decided to run it again in Chile in March 2014. And, an added enticement (not that you need one for this school) is when the school ends you could hop on a plane to nearby Brazil for the World Cup and do some sports outreach.  

Topics to wet your appetite include:

  • Biblical approach to sports ministry Methods and models of sports ministry Event Management

  • General coaching techniques

  • Fitness and nutrition

  • Leadership and evangelism in sport

  • Sport and community development

The Sports Ministry School will provide you with the foundations to go serve on the mission field and excel in your ministry. The location in Chile is the perfect place to do this with ready made facilities to train in and an incredible staff to mentor you. This course can also be used towards an A.A. or a B.A. degree with the U of N (

So pull up your socks, put on your kit, warm up those muscles and get on over to Chile in March 2014 for the Sports Ministry School.

For more information please contact:

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Pleasing God as Artists and Athletes

Recently one of my morning quiet times erupted into a biblical treasure hunt to discover what really pleases God? I had the time and my heart was already awakened by the Word, so I started leafing through the epistles in search of scriptures (1) mentioning how God is pleased or given glory/praise through our actions or attitudes. An hour later and several post-it notes crammed with references, I closed the Book and, with a fresh cup of coffee, meditated on the truths I’d just uncovered.