Photography builds relationship.  On outreach trips our camera can be a bridge rather than a barrier to making friends with utter strangers.  Even without language skills photographers are communicating that we care about people and are interested in them.  Photography is a non-verbal conduit for His joy, love and acceptance.  Digital cameras with their LCD screens draw crowds of curious on lookers many wanting to be next.

At the same time photography raises awareness of issues in our world where we need to pay attention. It is a record of history and a record of what we want our world to look like.  Photographers have a special assignment to communicate God’s sense of justice. 

Besides all that – photography captures the beauty of creation  -  light reflecting, creating color and shadows.  What better way to describe God to our unbelieving friends?   

UofN has many opportunities to use photograph as well as schools and seminars to teach you to improve your camera skills and your creative eye.  Check it out. 

The incredible images that appear on this page have been provided by Jan Schlegel. To find out more about his ministry click here.

YWAM DNA Studios in Hollywood

The desire to Create Content that Disciples the Nations is what is behind one of the newest adventures that YWAM is pioneering in Hollywood. YWAM DNA Studios in Hollywood.  DNA stands for Discipling the Nations through the Arts, and that is our vision - to have those in Arts, Entertainment & Media come together to create content that will disciple the nations with the truths of God!