Performing Arts

Our God is a God of Story. Jesus talked mainly in parables to the crowds. As a matter of fact in Matthew 13:34 it says, “Jesus spoke all these thing in parables to the crowds; he did not speak to them without a parable.” Wow! Think about that! Jesus didn’t preach to the crowds, he told them stories.  Today these parables would probably be a Skit, Drama, Play, Movie or video on the internet! 

Telling stories is one of the most effective ways to share truth. Jesus told stories of everyday things to share the truth of God. He rarely if ever even mentioned God in His stories – He simply shared the truths of life in everyday events so that Gods truth could be revealed. He knew that those who had ears to hear, would hear.

You can learn how to share stories of truth! Classes offered world-wide through the University of the Nations College of Arts and Sports offer ways you can learn the principles and skills and gain the abilities to share the truths of God through everyday stories. You can learn how to touch people and change lives. The Nations are being Discipled everyday through Arts & Entertainment, and you can learn how to be a part of insuring that they are Discipled with the truths of God.

Winter Olympics Outreach Opportunities

The 2010 Winter Olympic games is being hosted here in Vancouver, Canada! As YWAM Vancouver we are hosting the Winter Olympics Outreach. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us in Vancouver to welcome the world to our city and to welcome all of you to our city "for such a time as this".


Kona Introduces Center Stage

In Kona Hawaii a team of innovators are pioneering a new concept in Performing Arts. It's called Center Stage. Traditionally students could be heavily involved in the studio for their Performing Arts schools and then have to be totally out of the studio during the Bible courses or worldview courses. Center Stage I, II offers both courses concurrently...