Music is an international language.

      It penetrates closed hearts.  It  moves the immovable.

Music is essential to life and echoes the heartbeats of young and old alike.

     It expresses our intimacy and reveals our worship.

Music enhances, completes, comforts and challenges us.

All music began in Heaven. The sounds of our various cultures reflect His unique celebration and love for diversity. Whether we sing, play an instrument, or creatively communicate sounds, it is our response and our reflection of the Heavenly Father.

In preparing to share the good news worldwide it is essential to employ music. We offer courses on improving your musical skills for the beginner to intermediate student as well as seminars on how to develop your existing music ministry. 

There are frequently opportunities to tour with musical groups – whether contemporary or classical – getting experience on the road in outreach situations. We have training on songwriting, CD production, musical prayer and booking and touring. 

Visit the 'Opportunities' section to find your place in God's plan to use music to build his Church and impact the nations.

Sandy Hoffman Releases New Acoustic Album

Sandy's long awaited instrumental guitar CD, "Sereno", is just out! It's 12 fresh tracks, filled with peaceful inspiration, and played with passion and energy!

These songs will take you to places of the heart you've never been before, and remind you of others you wish you'd never left . . .


The Arts Ministry of YWAM Ituzaingo began in 2007. Our principal objective is: "To disciple and equip Christians artists and non Christians, imparting values and principles of the truth of God, through various artistic expressions."