Fine Arts

Visual Arts

The foundation of the visible world is built with specific elements of aesthetic law: color, value, texture, form and space. The visual arts communicate using these laws in all their different aspects and traditions. Visual artists apply the principles of contrast, balance, movement and pattern, transcending the physical realm and compelling audiences to look at the world through a different lens.

These principles are important to learn, but a mastery of them will not necessarily make you an artist. A Visual Artist is one who embodies and personalizes these laws-- through time and discipline-- and is able to apply them in a way that is unique and almost subconscious.

We believe these principles were created and established by God. More than just academic discoveries, they represent the very nature and character of this Creator. We believe all artists are called to be part of this revelation of Beauty, Truth and Goodness to the world.

Noemie Jean-Bourgeault

Studio Arts

As we live in two worlds simultaneously: the outer world of the sciences and the inner world of the senses, it’s challenging to find a common language that communicates with both. Art does this by speaking to our capacity for delight and wonder-- affecting us spiritually, mentally and physically. This makes the role of the creative artist in society very important.

In medical experiments with the sick and elderly, a few hours of looking at beautiful images was found to increase antibody and serotonin levels and enhance the entire immune system. By contrast, aggressive and provocative art has lead to depression, addiction and violent behavior. American sculptor Richard MacDonald says that ‘Art transcends all human boundaries. It is a gift of almost inexplicable, magical energy. When our hearts, through our senses, are touched by art, our lives are enhanced.’

If artists today are encouraged to create with skill and fine craftsmanship and produce captivating, inspiring and beautiful art, it will have a positive effect on society: uplifting the soul, creating a change in the heart, a thirst for more beauty and an enthusiasm for life-- even a longing for The Divine.

Eleanor Cardozo

Street Art

It is environment that informs an artist of what to use in the context of mediums and how to use medium in response to a surface. Street Artists must continually adapt to the ever-changing environment: there are constant changes in physical weather and countless options for installation. It is adaptability that makes these artists so wild, courageous and even dangerous as they challenge the global community to lay aside our constant pursuit of comfort and explore what can exist outside our walls.

We have the incredible gift and ability as artists to restore-- to bring beauty to forgotten spaces. This stirs something in the soul. Suddenly people open up and residents feel welcomed to engage in conversation... in community. These conversations evoke a sense of vulnerability as people respond to the art-- and we begin to hear the stories of those around us. This artist-engagement with our community enables us to create with head-and-heart inspiration. We allow the God given emotions fueled by the collective community story to inform the ‘how’ and ‘where’ when we create.

Andrew Frazer


According to anthropologists, all people from all cultures dress the body in some way-- be it through clothing, tattooing, cosmetics or other forms of body painting. For obvious reasons, even those who consider themselves ‘anti-fashion’ have not escaped it’s vast reach. Fashion is the interplay of the necessary versus unnecessary; the need to protect ourselves versus the desire to decorate ourselves. It has transcended boundaries throughout the ages, demanding that all of humanity participate in it’s creation, whether by choice or out of necessity.

This generation of designers and companies must set ourselves apart. We must commit to create innovative, beautiful and affordable clothing from sustainable materials, with respect and care for those manufacturing our fabrics and designs. This will be a true work of art.

Ange Nennie

Steiger Reports Successful 'SLOT' Festival in Poland

In the 1980's a YWAM evangelist named David Pierce began setting his sights on the punk rockers in Amsterdam. A band called "No Longer Music" was formed and a ministry called "Steiger" ( which spread it's wings, leaving the YWAM nest to form an international music and arts network reaching secular young people.


Art Refuge was invited to paint a mural of the Sea of Galilee

Last week Frank Naea spoke in the Perth CDTS about the Fatherheart of God.

By Friday the class was so changed that many of the students felt as if they were in a boat on the sea of Galilea.

Frank challenged them to trust God, "step out of the boat" and to walk on water.  He had sand spread upon the floor, asked a violinist to play worship music, had background music of wind and waves playing and a slideshow on one wall of a lake.  Art Refuge was invited to paint a mural of the Sea of Galilee during this entire experience.

In this way each one could be fully involved in a powerful time in which God's presence and healing power was made manifest. Many of the students were deeply moved by this; one couple renewed their wedding vows and another couple (who'd been experiencing a lot of turbulence in their relationship) made a fresh commitment to one another.

It is so amazing to see how God is at work in this school through the ministry of Art Refuge and we are enormously grateful.